Add a Block to Columns with the Backend Editor of Visual Composer

Add a Block to Columns with the Back-End Editor of Visual Composer

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Append an element to the column


Appending an element to a column in the back-end editor is really simple. I often prefer this view because you can definitely tell where you’re going to add that element because of the spacing between the rows.

To add an element, hover your mouse over the column where you want to add the element and click on the + icon.

Select any elements that you want to add


Choose any element that you want to add. Whether it’d be a Text Block, a Separator, or even a Video Player element. In my case, I’ll choose the Separator element.

Separator Settings box will pop-up


Once done with the changes, click on Save Changes and close to close the separator settings box. If you want to add as many as elements as you want, just continue the process and click the + icon again to add another element.

This is one of the beauties of the Visual Composer. You can manipulate these elements as you want. You can move them around and edit it’s properties easily.