Add a Page to the Main Menu

Add a Page to the Main Menu

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How to add a page to the menu?

When you create a new page, it does not necessarily add to the menu. The following are the steps on how to add a page to the menu:

Go to Menus page

First, hover your mouse on the drop-down menu and choose Menus.

Alternative way to go to the Menus Page

If you were already in the dashboard, you can hover your mouse to Appearance then Menus.

Select the page and click on Add in Menu

Second, click View all to show all the pages you created. Afterward, select at least one page you desired to be added to your menu then click ‘Add to Menu’ button.

Set the structure of your menus

It will then be added to the menu structure. In the last step, we selected our ‘Contact’ page. So now, our ‘Contact’ page is already in the Menu Structure below the ‘Home’ page.

You can reorder the menus by dragging them up or down. If you’re already satisfied with the ordering of your menus, click the blue colored ‘Save Menu’ button. Both buttons work fine.


To check if my menus were already added, I’ll go back to my homepage. As you can see in the image above, the ‘Contact’ menu already appeared.

The important thing to remember, adding a page does not automatically add the page to the menu. Once you’ve created your page, you have to add it yourself to the menus.