Add a Video to a Page with Visual Composer

Add a Video to a Page with Visual Composer

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Add a video player element


Embedding a video to a page is really easy once the video is on YouTube or Vimeo. Let’s place a video player element to our page. First, we need to be in the back-end editor of the Visual Composer. To add a video player element to our page, click on the + icon.

Add Element will pop-up – select video player element


After clicking the + icon, the Add Element box will appear. Select the video player element. If you’re having a hard time finding the video player element, click on the Content tab to filter out the elements.

Edit the video link property


After selecting the video player element, a video player settings will appear. The only thing we have to worry about for a basic video embed is to remove the temporary link that the Visual Composer has set. Afterward, let’s paste the link of the video that we prefer.

Get the link of the video


Let’s use this video to embed on our page. The only thing that we need to do is to get the URL of this video and it is in the address bar located at the top portion of this page. Paste this link as the Video Link property of the video player settings.

Video successfully embedded


As you can see, we’ve got the embedded video down there and ready to go. The size of the video will depend on the size of the column it is embedded.