Add Notes to a Gravity Forms Entry from the WordPress Dashboard


Add Notes to a Gravity Forms Entry from the WordPress Dashboard

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Go to the Forms menu then select Entries


When you receive entries in your gravity forms, you can check these entries by going to your form entries. To do that, hover your mouse over the Forms menu and click on the Entries submenu.

If you click on the entry, you’ll see a box for notes. Let’s try to submit a note. Place your note inside the box, in my case, I placed “Hey thanks for the inquiry.” Afterward, click on Add Note.

Send out a note


After submitting the note, it will now be saved in the database then refreshes the page. This is a convenient way of managing the inquiries because you can easily keep track of them instead of going into your email.

Also, one thing that you can do is to respond to the notes and send it out like a thank you message.

Respond to a note


You just have to bear in mind that the email or the user that is going to be the sender of these notes is going to be the one that is currently logged on to WordPress.

So, generally speaking, you probably just want to use this if you’re using a group website, say for entries for an event or something like that, rather than responding using your own email address. Of course, if you do want to respond using your own email address, just press reply, then you’ll get the details of your email like the email signature and etc.

I guess this is just a very specific example of a situation where you might want to use these notes system, not necessarily for contacting clients.