Anti-Malware from GOTMLS Plugin Review

Plugin Review of Anti-Malware from GOTMLS

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Register yourself


Anti-Malware from GOTMLS.NET is a fantastic plugin. This has helped me on a number of occasions to remove a bit of junk that’s been inserted into someone’s website because I did not keep their plugins up-to-date. Before you can install Anti-Malware from GOTMLS.NET, you need to do a free activation. To do that, you need to register an account by providing your name and email address. Afterward, click on Register Now.

Download the definition


After you have successfully registered, a message “Your installation Key is Registered” will be seen. Then, download the definition.

Confirmation message

Once the downloading of the definition was successful, an information box will appear to let you know that you have successfully downloaded the definition. Click OK to proceed.

Start the scan


Now, you can start the scan by clicking on Run Complete Scan.

Wait for the scan to finish


It’s now scanning the relevant files in WordPress and find something that shouldn’t be there. It will give you the option to remove the unnecessary files. There’s   Wait for the scan to finish.

These are Anti-Malware from GOTMLS.NET’s features:

  • Run a Complete Scan to automatically remove known security threats and backdoor scripts.
  • Firewall block SoakSoak and other malware from exploiting Revolution Slider and other plugins from known vulnerabilities.
  • Upgrade vulnerable versions of timthumb
  • Download Definition Updates to protect against new threats.

Premium Features:

  • Patch your wp-login and XMLRPC to block Brute-Force and DDoS attacks.
  • Check the integrity of your WordPress Core files.
  • Automatically download new Definition Updates when running a Complete Scan.

Now, it’s not perfect of course. All these types of scanning tools have their own limitations. But, if you’ve got a simple hack like code injection or some files that were not supposed to be there, in my experience, this is very good at finding those and get rid of it. There is also a donation function but the plugin is completely free.

It also runs nice and cleanly. It will just chew its way through the website without overloading the server. It’s a great plugin and I would give this a 5 out of 5 rating.

Disable Comments Plugin Review

Disable Comments

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What is Disable Comments?

Disable Comments 1

If you use WordPress as a content management system primarily as opposed to just a blog and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably sick of worrying about all the comment fields and all that sort of stuff.

So, one of the solutions that I’ve always used for as long as I can remember is a plugin called Disable Comments.

How use Disable Comments?

Disable Comments 2

It’s very easy, I mean, there’s really not many settings to it because, of course, well, all you’re doing is disabling comments. You can also do some stuff inside the theme. So, of course, you can leave out comments field. But what this plugin does is it actually removes the comments section from the dashboard. It actually takes away the whole spot where the comments would usually be. So it’s not even there to be clicked and bother anybody.

You don’t even know that there are comments built into WordPress essentially, which, from my point of view, that’s perfectly fine because, for the vast majority of sites we work on, we don’t want comments. They’re business websites. The only comments they want to go through are inquiry form, an email link, or something like that.

It takes all the fields away, all the boxes away. So, basically, all the comments just completely disappear and it doesn’t dumb stuff. They don’t have the things in the menu bar and all that kind of thing. You can pretend that comments don’t exist anymore.

If you’re looking for that in the WordPress repository, it is simply Disable Comments. There are 800,000+ installs and it is being kept current. So, the developer is looking after this well.

I’m using for some years now. I don’t have this really much else to say. It’s just such a simple plugin. It’s a really good example of just a plugin which does exactly what it should do and nothing more. I’ll rate this 5 out of 5.

For more information, click the link to visit Disable Comments.

Seriously Simple Podcasting Plugin Review

Seriously Simple Podcasting

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What is Seriously Simple Podcasting?

Seriously Simple Podcast 1

The podcast plugin that I use for the Beach Business Breakfast Show is probably, I have to say, the easiest plugin I could find for setting up a podcast in WordPress. I have used the BlueBerry one before and I found that it was a bit complicated in terms of configuring the settings and all that kind of stuff.

It’s actually named Seriously Simple Podcast plugin and the installation is really quite simple because, essentially, it’s adding a custom post type to the backend of WordPress which gives you the podcasting functionality. It’s got a nice little add-on for stats as well which is also free and fun that works quite well too.

WordPress dashboard: Podcast

Seriously Simple Podcast 2

From a back point of view, it looks like a whole bunch of posts and, I mean, that’s essentially what a podcast is. It’s a bunch of posts with mp3 attached. So you have all the usual functionality of posts like tags and you can drop in videos and things like that.

Podcast Episode Details settings

Seriously Simple Podcast 3

Each episode when you’re editing it, imagine you’ve got the normal view of a WordPress blog post.

Listed below are some of the fields that you can edit when you’re posting a podcast:

  • Description
  • Episode type
  • Podcast file (link of your podcast either inside of your media library or outside like Amazon S3)
  • Duration
  • File size
  • Date recorded
  • Set featured image
  • Explicit (you can block it from going into iTunes and Google Feed Play if you wish)

Depending on what you want to do with it, you can configure the page on the website to show however you wish to show them.

Podcast Settings: General

Seriously Simple Podcast 4

The settings are pretty basic. There’s not a whole lot to worry about.

Listed below are the general settings wherein you can decide on what to set on your page:

  • Podcast post types (posts, directories, field groups, grid builder, scans, events)
  • Include podcast in the main blog
  • Media player locations (full content, excerpt, oEmbed excerpt)
  • Media player position (above the content, below the content)

Podcast Settings: Feed details

Seriously Simple Podcast 5

Listed below are the feed details settings which will be used in the feed of your podcast so your listeners will know more about it before they subscribe:

  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Author
  • Primary category
  • Primary sub-category
  • Secondary category
  • Secondary sub-category
  • Tertiary category
  • Tertiary sub-category
  • Description/Summary
  • Cover image
  • Owner name
  • and some details which are only optional

It’s really simple and I honestly like it. This just walks you through it pretty easily.

Graph Reports

Seriously Simple Podcast 6

When you look at the stats, so this is a free add-on for the plugin, it’s pretty simple but it gives you a good idea of what’s going on with your podcasts.

These are some of the details you’ll see in the report:

  • Your top episodes
  • How many lessons they’ve had
  • The percentage that has been played through audio or direct download or even in iTunes.

It’s got all the essentials, I think, for what you want to do a good podcast without getting too distracted.

So, I have decided for the rating that I will give this plugin. It’s 5 out of 5 because I really have not had any problems with it whatsoever and it does exactly what it’s supposed to do. If you’d like to have a look at the podcast that I run with, it’s Beach Business Breakfast. In my podcast section, you’re welcome to have a listen and it’s also on iTunes.

For more information, click the link to visit Seriously Simple Podcast.

Social Networks Auto Poster Plugin Review

NextScripts: Social Network Auto-Poster (SNAP)

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What is NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster?

NextScript - Social Media Auto-Poster 1

If you’ve ever had a blog, you have, no doubt, thought it would be great if you could send a link from your blog off to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all those kinds of social media websites. So there’s a lot of places where you can post out links to your blog post and, of course, this is a good way of getting some extra readers and social traffic to your blog.

The plugin which I have used for many years now and, I find, does the job very well is NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster. Their free version does an excellent job and the paid one essentially adds a bit of extra functionality and give you the ability to do more posts to different social networks.

You can certainly use this at no cost to post on to something like Facebook and Twitter and that kind of thing. And if you’re running a podcast or you’re doing blog posts in WordPress, then you install the SNAP plugin.

NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster options

NextScript - Social Media Auto-Poster 2

What you’ll find is that there are a few settings to do depending on which social network you’re connecting to, is ranging from very simple to particularly complex. The different social medias have their different ways of getting connected. Things like Facebook and Twitter, they’re pretty straightforward. It’s a little bit more fiddling around to do, Google+ and LinkedIn, but it is still completely possible. The instructions that NextScripts have on their website are really very thorough explanation with screenshots. So if you just follow the instructions, you will get it right.

NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster more options

NextScript - Social Media Auto-Poster 3

You get a fair whack of settings when you’re about to publish the post as well. You can choose to do just a text post, an image post, or a text post with a link. What I do is I use this kind of short code (%TITLE%, %URL%, %SITENAME%) substitution so I can put the title of the post and a link URL back to the post page  or to my website. You can include things like the tags that you put on the post into the thing that goes across the social media as well. It works surprisingly well that it works fine with the scheduled posts so you can schedule the post.

There’s a lot of other options in here which, to be honest, I don’t really use even a fair whack of the functionality because I like what it does which is send things off to social media.

I’d have to say, it has never let me down. The support and functionality were excellent and I definitely give this 5 out of 5.

For more information, click the link to visit NextScripts: Social Network Auto-Poster.

WooCommerce POS Plugin Review

WooCommerce Point-of-Sale (WooPOS)

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What is WooPOS?

WooCommerce POS or WooPOS is a kind of a specialized theme plugin for WooCommerce. This is a really neat idea. It means that instead of having to run another system, you can install this and use your WooCommerce store for a basic point-of-sale system. Think of this as the simplest looking shopping cart you can get.

How to add items to the cart?

When you go to the WooPOS page, you are presented with a list of clickable products and you can add those products to the cart. To add an item to the cart, simply click the green colored ‘+’ button.

How does the checkout process work?

After adding an item to the cart, your current cart which contains all your items ordered, will be seen at the right corner of the same page. In WooPOS, the checkout process has been simplified.

Advantages of having WooPOS as your point-of-sale system?

  1. You are presented with a one-page checkout shopping cart.
  2. You can access WooPos on tablets and phones. It will adapt to the screen size of your tablet or phone and is still easy and convenient to use in a touch-tap environment.

Both free versions and paid versions are excellent but there are more features in paid versions that are very useful when it comes to maximizing your profit. These are some other advantages/benefits of having the paid versions of WooPOS for $129/year rather than the free versions:

Free version

  1. You can only use cash and Paypal as your payment methods.

Paid version

  1. You can add customers in your checkout process rather than having a guest customer.
  2. You can use more than three gateways of your payment method other than cash and Paypal. With paid version, you can use Stripe or any other methods as one of your payment methods.
  3. You can see and generate reports.
  4. You can use product stock-taking.
  5. You can serve mobile customers.

For more information, click the link to visit WooCommerce POS (WooPOS).