Check Gravity Forms Entries from the WordPress Dashboard

Check Gravity Forms Entries from the WordPress Dashboard

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Clink on Forms on the sidebar menu


Although the inquiries from the gravity forms are emailed to you, sometimes it’s a good thing to be able to check those inquiries directly on WordPress dashboard.

Let’s go and check on the entries submitted into our gravity forms. To do that, click on the Forms on the sidebar menu.

Click on either the number of entries or the Entries option


We are now presented with the list of all the forms we have created. In my case, I have only created one form.

To see the inquiries, you can either click on the Entries option found under the name of the form or you can click on the number of entries of this form.

Click on the sender’s name


As you can see, there are 4 entries in our Inquiry form. If you want to view and respond to these inquiries, you can either click on the sender’s name or click on View found under the sender’s name.

The entry submitted by a person


This is now the entry being submitted by the person named Ben Smith. You can see all of his details submitted, the date it was submitted, and his IP address. To respond to this entry, you can type in the message inside the Note area then click on Add Note.