Create a New Page

Create a New Page

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Let’s add a new page by clicking on the Add submenu under the Pages menu

Let’s add a new page. To add a new page, hover your mouse to the Pages menu and a submenu will appear. Click on Add New and a standard WordPress page editor will be seen.

The Add New Page

Right now, we’re in the normal, single column editor that comes with every WordPress website.

Name the page Contact

Let’s going to name our page Contact. If we’d like, we can use it just like a normal WordPress mode. We can put in some text, just like in the image above, and we can carry on and filling it just like normal.

Click on the Visual Composer’s backend editor

But what we’re really here is to use the backend editor. To proceed with the backend editor, click on the blue colored button with Backend Editor text on it below the permalink.

A guide will help you through the process

This is the visual composer controls. A guide will also help you through the process to help on how to use the visual composer.

Add a text block by clicking on Add Text Block

The most useful thing we can probably do right now is to add a text block. To add a text block, click on the green colored button with Add Text Block text on it.

Text block added

After clicking the button, this will give us a box with a default template that we can edit.

As you can see in the image above, we’ve got a text editor and we can also add some more columns and a few other things that would be quite useful.

Click on the permalink to preview the changes

Once finished, click on the blue colored button with Publish text on it to publish the page. To check your page, click on the permalink to visit your newly created page.