Create a Text Link within a Text Block with Visual Composer

Create a text link within a text block with Visual Composer

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Edit a page using Visual Composer


Let’s make a text link to another page. To do that, first, we need to edit the page where that text is located. To edit the page, click Edit with Visual Composer.

Edit a Text Block

To edit a text block, hover your mouse to a text block and click on the pencil icon in the green bar.

Text Block Settings will pop-up


In the red arrow indicated in the image above, you can see the Insert/Edit Link icon. It looks like a little chain link.

To hyperlink a text, first, you need to highlight the text that you want to link. After highlighting the text that you want to link, click on the Insert/Edit Link icon.

Hyperlink a text


After you click the Insert/Edit Link icon, a textbox will appear. This is the textbox wherein you place the link of the page to hyperlink a text. However, if you don’t have the link of the page, you can click on the cog icon at the rightmost side of the textbox.

Search for the page that you want to be linked


If you manage multiple pages, you can directly search the page that you want. Type the name of the page in the Search textbox. If you already found the page, click on it and the URL textbox will be automatically filled with the page’s link. Once done, click on the Add Link button.

Text already linked


As you can see, the text that we highlighted is already linked to our desired page destination. If you have no more changes, click Save Changes. Afterward, click Close to close Text Block Settings.

Update page


After closing the Text Block Settings, click on the Update button. This will commit the changes to the database. Afterward, click X to exit the Visual Composer.

Link ready


As you can see, the text is already linked and is now ready to be clicked by everyone.