Dropdown Menu Configuration

Drop Down Menu Configuration

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Subpages of a parent page


As you can see in the image above, we’ve got these service pages. There’s three of them and they’re subpages of Services.

Let’s go to our website and check the menus of our homepage. To do that, click the menu with the house icon at the top-left part of your dashboard.

Front-end view of our homepage


As you can see, we haven’t actually gotten the service pages to the menu yet. So, let’s add them. To add them, let’s go back to our dashboard, and to do that, click on the clock icon.

Menus under Appearance menu


To edit the menus of your website, let’s go to Menus under Appearance menu.

Add pages to the menu


Now, you can see that we’ve got our Services page here and it’s given us this little hierarchy so that we will know that these three pages are belonging to the Services page. They’re called the child pages. Let’s all add them to the menu. To add, select the pages that you want to be added to the menu then click Add Menu.

Selected pages already added to the menu

Now, as you can see, they’re lined up vertically in a straight line. Let’s try to save this. To save, click Save Menu. Let’s go back to our homepage to check the menus that we recently added. To go back, click on the house icon at the top-left part of the dashboard.

After we added the pages to our menu


The pages we added to the menu are all strung out on the top level of the menu. But what we really wanted to do is for 1, 2, and 3 to be a dropdown under Services. Let’s go back again to our Menus page.

Add these pages to Services page


The trick here is to drag up the page that you want then indent it from the parent page. You can see in the image above how I move the page to the parent page. After you have already placed the pages under the parent page, click Save Menu. This will commit the changes in the database. Let’s go back again to our homepage to check our changes.

We’ve got our drop down menu


Now, as you can see, we’ve got ourselves a drop-down menu on Services. So those three pages are now under the Service menu.