Gravity Forms 01 – Creating a Simple Inquiry Form

Gravity Forms 01 – Creating a Simple Inquiry Form

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Add a new form


An inquiry form on your website is one of the most basic ways to capture and request people’s information. Gravity forms is a very simple to use inquiry form system. If that’s installed, let’s add a new form by hovering your mouse over the Forms menu, located on the sidebar menu, and click on New Form.

Name the form


Let’s give the form a name. Let’s name it Inquiries since its main purpose is to inquire information from the people. Once done, click on Create Form.

Add the important fields


First, let’s add the important fields of our form. The basic fields for most inquiry forms are a person’s name and email address. To add these fields, let’s go to Advance Fields box then let’s select the Name and Email fields.

Add the other fields


As you can see, the name and email address fields are already added inside our form. Now, let’s try to add our phone field. As you can see inside the Advance Fields box, there is a Phone field. Typically, we don’t use this field because of the formatting of the number. There are many phone number formats that exist and this will make our data inconsistent.

Alternatively, we can add a phone number field by using a simple single text line field. To do that, let’s go the Standard Fields box.

Other fields or standard fields


Click on the Single Text Line field. Also, click on the Paragraph Text field. We will use this field as a comments field.

Modify the properties of the Paragraph Text field


Let’s first modify the properties of the paragraph text. To do that, click on the field. Let’s name this field ‘Inquiry’.

Modify the properties of the Single Text Line field


Let’s go to the next field, which is the Single Text Line field. Let’s name this field ‘Phone’ and also tick the ‘Required’ checkbox under rules. Required fields need to be filled by the users. They cannot submit their information without filling the required fields.

Modify the properties of the Email field


For the Email field, tick the ‘Required’ checkbox. Having both the phone number and email address field required will ensure us that we can contact the person either via email or phone. We also did this, so that, in case when the person did not type the correct email address or phone number, we can still use either information to contact them.

Modify the properties of the name field


For the Name field, tick the ‘Required’ checkbox.

Click on Update Form



Now, we’ve got the basis of our standard inquiry form. Once we’ve put all the fields together, click on Update Form.

In a subsequent video, we’re going to show you how to set the form up to send to you as an email and some other settings that are quite important as well.