Gravity Forms 02 – Form Submit Settings and Spam Honeypot

Gravity Forms 02 – Form Submit Settings and Spam Honeypot

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Click on Settings


So, in our previous video, we’ve already made our inquiry form in gravity forms. If you haven’t seen the previous video, click here.

Next is to do a few changes to the settings. To do that, click on Settings.

Modify the button text


Now that we are inside the settings, scroll down to the button text property. This is the main thing that I am interested in changing. The default text inside the button is ‘Submit’, but let’s be creative. Let’s change the text from ‘Submit’ to ‘Send Inquiry’ to make it look like a little bit more human-friendly and a little bit less computer-nerdy.

Enable the anti-spam honeypot and the animation


After editing the button text, scroll down to the last part of the settings page. There are some properties that are interesting. Enable Save and Continue if you have a quite long form that you think people might want to save the details and come back later and fill it in further whenever they’re ready.

I’m not enabling the Save and Continue property. What I do want to enable is the anti-spam honeypot. This is a clever way that gravity forms can do to keep some of the spams out. Spams that might auto-generate the information inside the form and submit it. We’ll also enable the animations as well.

Once done, click on Update Form Settings.

Form settings updated successfully


We’ve now configured our form by editing the button text and enabling the anti-spam honeypot and the animation. You’ll receive a message at the top of the page to inform you that the update was successful.