Gravity Forms 03 – Admin Email Notification Settings

Gravity Forms 03 – Admin Email Notification Settings

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Click on Notifications tab


In our previous video, we have managed to create a form and change its settings. What we’re going to do is the final configuration for notifications. What we want our form to do is to send to us an email once a person successfully submitted its information.

To do that, let’s edit the notification by clicking on Notifications.

Click on Edit


After clicking on Notifications, let’s edit the Admin Notifications which is set up default by WordPress.

Modify some properties


We are now inside the Admin Notification settings. These are the following properties that we can modify in the Admin Notification settings:

  • Name
  • Send To
    • Send to email
  • From Name
  • From Email
  • Reply To
  • BCC
  • Subject
  • Message

First, let’s change the Send to Email property. We want it to be sent to ourselves or to the sales or inquiries email. In my case, I’ll have it

For the From Name, let’s merge the tags of First Name and Last Name. We did this, so that, when we receive this email, we can reply to it directly back to the person who filled and submitted his/her information using the inquiry form. For the From Email, let’s use the Email tag.

We have successfully modified the basic settings.

Click on Update Notification


If you want, you could set a Blind Carbon Copy (Bcc).

For the Subject of the email, you can have the name of your website plus the word inquiry. With this, you can have a neat inbox and you’ll easily identify which email is an inquiry email and which is not.

The {all_fields} tag inside the body of the message will include all the fields inside your inquiry form. If you want to add more messages inside the body of your message, you can write anything that you want.

Once you’ve made your changes inside the Admin Notification settings, click on Update Notification.