Group Pages Under One Parent Page

Group Pages Under One Parent Page

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Let’s make a page under a parent page

Sometimes, in a website, you’ll have a hierarchy of pages.

What we’ve got here is a Service page and I want to make this a child page to the overall services page. On the right side of the page, you can see and modify the page’s attributes. To make it a subpage of the parent page Services, under Page Attributes, you will see a Parent property.

Under parent property, select Services.

Publish the page

After selecting Services as a parent page, click Publish. This is important from a search engine perspective because this now logically puts this page as a page under Services.

We also make it much easier to manage our pages when we got a lot of pages because if you have them grouped in the sort of sections like services or products, it is much easier when you come back and find that page in the dashboard.

Go to All Pages

If we want to check the output of what we did, let’s go to All Pages under Pages menu. Alternatively, you can also click directly the Pages menu.

Services 1 now a subpage of Services page

You’ll see that the Service 1 page is now indented from the Services page. It means that it’s already a subpage of Services.