Rearrange Columns and Elements in Visual Composer

Rearrange Columns and Elements in Visual Composer

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Back-end editor of Visual Composer


Rearranging elements and rows and columns in Visual Composer is one of the great features which makes reconfiguring the layout of a page very simple. I find it easier to do from the back-end editor than the front-end because you can see the structure of the page more clearly.

Let’s have this page as an example. Our page got three columns and each column contains two elements in it. The current layout of the row in 1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3 structure.

Rearrange a column


Let’s rearrange this page wherein all the columns that contain an image be placed on the right side. To do that, we need to drag the first column next to the second column. This will automatically place the second column to the first column. Now, this gives our first column a space in the middle column and drop it. To see our changes, click on Preview Changes.

Before editing the first column


This is what the page looks like before we transferred the first column to the second column.

After editing the first column


After editing, you can see now that the images are already placed next to each other. The neat part about this is that you don’t have to do any recoding. You can just move the columns to where you want to go. The same is true for the elements on the page.

Let’s go back to our back-end editor.

Edit the elements of a column


So, if I decide to put the headers above the image on both of these columns, I can just drag the heading element up. All you need to do is to click and hold the header then drag it up and drop. The text image element will automatically slide down once you drag the heading element up.

To see our changes, click on Preview Changes.

Headers are now placed above the images


Now, the headers are already placed above the images. It’s really quite simple.

Let’s go back again to our back-end editor.

Important reminder


You just have to be careful when you are moving an element around. You need to watch where it’s dropping into because you might get into trouble finding the element you dropped. You might end up seeing it placed in a different column or whatsoever.

You can drag and drop an element like dragging and dropping an icon in your desktop.