Resend Gravity Forms Notification Emails

Resend Gravity Forms Notification Emails

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Click on Forms menu


You can resend a notification from the entries that you have received from the gravity forms. To do that, first, let’s go to our forms page by clicking on the Forms menu found on the right sidebar. We can check the entries of our forms by clicking on the number of entries under the Entries column.

Select the entries that you want to resend the notification


We are now presented with all the entries inside of our Inquiries form. Let’s select Fred as an example. Click on Fred’s name or the View option under his name.

Tick the Admin Notification and click on Resend Notification


On the right-hand side of the page, you’ll see Notifications. If you tick on the Admin Notification checkbox, this will mean that the notification will be sent back to the default administrator of your WordPress. You can also send it to a different email address by supplying the email address in the box. Once done, click on Resend Notification.

Resend Notification to multiple entries


If you want to send it to a whole stack of entries, there is a checkbox on the left side of every entry. Tick the checkbox to select the entry. You can tick as many entries as you want. Then, on the top of the table, you can see a drop-down box. Select the Resend Notification option then click on Apply.

Tick the Admin Notification checkbox then click on Resend Notification


The same process as the individual resending of notification. Tick the Admin Notification and you can also send the notification to a different person by providing their email address inside the box.