Social Networks Auto Poster Plugin Review

NextScripts: Social Network Auto-Poster (SNAP)

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What is NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster?

NextScript - Social Media Auto-Poster 1

If you’ve ever had a blog, you have, no doubt, thought it would be great if you could send a link from your blog off to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all those kinds of social media websites. So there’s a lot of places where you can post out links to your blog post and, of course, this is a good way of getting some extra readers and social traffic to your blog.

The plugin which I have used for many years now and, I find, does the job very well is NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster. Their free version does an excellent job and the paid one essentially adds a bit of extra functionality and give you the ability to do more posts to different social networks.

You can certainly use this at no cost to post on to something like Facebook and Twitter and that kind of thing. And if you’re running a podcast or you’re doing blog posts in WordPress, then you install the SNAP plugin.

NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster options

NextScript - Social Media Auto-Poster 2

What you’ll find is that there are a few settings to do depending on which social network you’re connecting to, is ranging from very simple to particularly complex. The different social medias have their different ways of getting connected. Things like Facebook and Twitter, they’re pretty straightforward. It’s a little bit more fiddling around to do, Google+ and LinkedIn, but it is still completely possible. The instructions that NextScripts have on their website are really very thorough explanation with screenshots. So if you just follow the instructions, you will get it right.

NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster more options

NextScript - Social Media Auto-Poster 3

You get a fair whack of settings when you’re about to publish the post as well. You can choose to do just a text post, an image post, or a text post with a link. What I do is I use this kind of short code (%TITLE%, %URL%, %SITENAME%) substitution so I can put the title of the post and a link URL back to the post page  or to my website. You can include things like the tags that you put on the post into the thing that goes across the social media as well. It works surprisingly well that it works fine with the scheduled posts so you can schedule the post.

There’s a lot of other options in here which, to be honest, I don’t really use even a fair whack of the functionality because I like what it does which is send things off to social media.

I’d have to say, it has never let me down. The support and functionality were excellent and I definitely give this 5 out of 5.

For more information, click the link to visit NextScripts: Social Network Auto-Poster.