Anti-Malware from GOTMLS Plugin Review

Plugin Review of Anti-Malware from GOTMLS

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Register yourself


Anti-Malware from GOTMLS.NET is a fantastic plugin. This has helped me on a number of occasions to remove a bit of junk that’s been inserted into someone’s website because I did not keep their plugins up-to-date. Before you can install Anti-Malware from GOTMLS.NET, you need to do a free activation. To do that, you need to register an account by providing your name and email address. Afterward, click on Register Now.

Download the definition


After you have successfully registered, a message “Your installation Key is Registered” will be seen. Then, download the definition.

Confirmation message

Once the downloading of the definition was successful, an information box will appear to let you know that you have successfully downloaded the definition. Click OK to proceed.

Start the scan


Now, you can start the scan by clicking on Run Complete Scan.

Wait for the scan to finish


It’s now scanning the relevant files in WordPress and find something that shouldn’t be there. It will give you the option to remove the unnecessary files. There’s   Wait for the scan to finish.

These are Anti-Malware from GOTMLS.NET’s features:

  • Run a Complete Scan to automatically remove known security threats and backdoor scripts.
  • Firewall block SoakSoak and other malware from exploiting Revolution Slider and other plugins from known vulnerabilities.
  • Upgrade vulnerable versions of timthumb
  • Download Definition Updates to protect against new threats.

Premium Features:

  • Patch your wp-login and XMLRPC to block Brute-Force and DDoS attacks.
  • Check the integrity of your WordPress Core files.
  • Automatically download new Definition Updates when running a Complete Scan.

Now, it’s not perfect of course. All these types of scanning tools have their own limitations. But, if you’ve got a simple hack like code injection or some files that were not supposed to be there, in my experience, this is very good at finding those and get rid of it. There is also a donation function but the plugin is completely free.

It also runs nice and cleanly. It will just chew its way through the website without overloading the server. It’s a great plugin and I would give this a 5 out of 5 rating.