Open a Page for Editing

Open a Page for Editing

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 Login as administrator then click edit page from the top toolbar

Let’s edit a page!

If we’re on the page we want to edit and we’re logged in as administrator, we can click Edit Page.

You will now be on the backend editor view

After clicking the Edit Page, it will take us to the back-end view. In the image above, we can now see the page editing area. We’ve also got our visual composer editor here because this is a page which is set up in the visual composer.

To go back to the page we were on before, click on the permalink.

Or click Edit with Visual Composer

We can also see Edit with Visual Composer. So let’s click Edit with Visual Composer.

Now you are on the frontend editor

The Edit with Visual Composer is the front-end editor.

So, we still got all the features of visual composer but we can see our changes more real-time as we do them. If we’re finished, we can press update then close it. The update and close button can be seen at the top-right corner of the editor.

Or from the dashboard click pages

The other way you can get to edit a page, assuming that you were already in your dashboard, the back-end view of your website, is to go to Pages.

Click the name of page you want to edit

After clicking Pages, or if you’re already in Pages, we can see the list of pages we’ve already created. To edit the page we want, click on the title of the specific page or you can also click the Edit link below the title.