Upload Multiple Images into WordPress

Upload Multiple Images Into WordPress

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Go to Media Library then Add New

Uploading multiple images is great if you’ve got a whole lot of images that you need to add in a hurry. Let’s try to add multiple images at once. To do that, go to your Media Library then click om Add New.

Add multiple images by dragging and dropping of images

There are two ways to add multiple images all at once in our media library. First, in your file browser, select all the images that you want to upload. Highlighted files mean that these are the selected files. Once done, drag those images to your WordPress Media Library. Don’t drop it yet, wait for the screen to turn into blue, it will say “Drop files to upload”, then drop the images.

Images are currently uploading

You have successfully uploaded many images all at once. The second way to upload many images at once is to go to your Upload Files tab.

Click on Select Files

Inside the Upload Files tab, click on Select Files. After clicking, your file explorer will pop-up.

Select all the files that you want to upload

Select all the files that you want to upload. Selected files are indicated in blue highlight. Once done, click Open. These are the ways that you can upload many images all at once in WordPress.