Upload Files to the Media Library

Upload files to the media library

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Add files to media Library

To add files in WordPress, we need to head over to the media library. To go to media Library and upload a file, click Add New under Media menu.

Ways to upload a file

After clicking Add New, we are now on the Upload New Media page. There are two ways on uploading a file. You can drag and drop the file directly from your computer to WordPress media library or you can click Select Files and a file directory will pop-up then you can select the desired files that you want to upload.

Ways to upload a file: Select Files

As what I’ve said earlier, a file directory pop-up will appear if you click Select Files to upload a file to your media library. In this case, I’ve got a PDF and I’m going to grab a stock photo and we’re going to upload both of those. If you are done selecting the files that you need to upload, click Open.

Uploading in progress

Once you click Open, you will now see the files being uploaded. On the image above, the second file is currently in progress for uploading.

Questions: Why would we want to upload something directly to the media library?

Well, the most usual case for this is when you want to get the link of the URL of the file. So, with an image, you’ll usually be uploading that in the page or the post where you’re doing the editing. However, if you wanted to link a text or picture to a PDF, you need to know the URL of the PDF.

So, once we’ve uploaded the file, click on the Edit to get the URL of the file.

Get the URL of the file

This is now the attachment page. Let’s not worry too much about what this is all about. What we’re looking for here it’s the URL of the file. To get the URL of the file, it is located on the right side of the page where it says File URL. Copy the whole link inside the box. You have now the URL of the file. You can already use it to link text or pictures to your file.

Repository of your uploaded files

Head over to the media library to check the files you uploaded. Once done, you can now see the files that you have uploaded.