WooCommerce POS Plugin Review

WooCommerce Point-of-Sale (WooPOS)

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What is WooPOS?

WooCommerce POS or WooPOS is a kind of a specialized theme plugin for WooCommerce. This is a really neat idea. It means that instead of having to run another system, you can install this and use your WooCommerce store for a basic point-of-sale system. Think of this as the simplest looking shopping cart you can get.

How to add items to the cart?

When you go to the WooPOS page, you are presented with a list of clickable products and you can add those products to the cart. To add an item to the cart, simply click the green colored ‘+’ button.

How does the checkout process work?

After adding an item to the cart, your current cart which contains all your items ordered, will be seen at the right corner of the same page. In WooPOS, the checkout process has been simplified.

Advantages of having WooPOS as your point-of-sale system?

  1. You are presented with a one-page checkout shopping cart.
  2. You can access WooPos on tablets and phones. It will adapt to the screen size of your tablet or phone and is still easy and convenient to use in a touch-tap environment.

Both free versions and paid versions are excellent but there are more features in paid versions that are very useful when it comes to maximizing your profit. These are some other advantages/benefits of having the paid versions of WooPOS for $129/year rather than the free versions:

Free version

  1. You can only use cash and Paypal as your payment methods.

Paid version

  1. You can add customers in your checkout process rather than having a guest customer.
  2. You can use more than three gateways of your payment method other than cash and Paypal. With paid version, you can use Stripe or any other methods as one of your payment methods.
  3. You can see and generate reports.
  4. You can use product stock-taking.
  5. You can serve mobile customers.

For more information, click the link to visit WooCommerce POS (WooPOS).